Arama Hamiora Davis 2024

Arama is a Contemporary Māori Artist , specialising in the field of carving, sculpting, painting, graphic design and is currently based in Waipapa near to the sacred lands of his ancestors.

His artwork shares a common spirit intended to inspire, uplift and empower self and others. Arama is passionate about what he creates and continually searches for what it is that differentiates the normal from the exceptional as part of his process.

He feels alive when surrounded by the life forces of nature, it sparks his mind into contemplative thought, boosting his creativity and helping Arama to consider the possibilities of what could potentially become.

His art has elements and themes drawn from the interactions he has around him, through the observations of  the physical, and spiritual world, worldwide culture and the people he loves. He is constantly trying to raise the standards of his work while paying tribute to his cultural roots and the ties he has with his ancestors All of this helps bring confidence, conviction, balance and flow to his exquisite artistry.

Theresa Reihana 2021-2023

Ko Ngäti Hine të Iwi
Ko Motatau të Maunga
Ko Waiomio te awa
Ko Miria te marae
Ko te Rapunga te Whare tupuna
Ko Kawiti te Rangatira,
Ko Theresa Reihana taku ingoa.

My tribe is Ngati Hine.
My Mountain is Motatau
My river is Waiomio
My tribal gathering place is Miria

The house of my ancestors is Te Rapunga
My Chief and ancestor is Kawiti.
My name is Theresa Reihana.

Theresa’s appreciation for her culture, whanau and surroundings are the inspiration for her art. Theresa’s work is diverse, incorporating her trademark – vibrancy of colour. Being a mother to six, Theresa has a big focus on motherhood and children and is now one of the most important emerging contemporary Maori artists of the North.

“My belief is that upon this earth we are all one. We should protect, feed and nurture the land for only the land will feed our grandchildren” – Theresa Reihana

Journey to the Bay of Islands this June and July to celebrate Puanga Matariki in one of Aotearoa’s most culturally significant and magnificent regions.

The festival will run from Friday 21 June – Sunday 14 July 2024, featuring over 20 free and ticketed events around the area that connect with one or more of the guiding principles of Matariki and Puanga.